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Is Excessive Humidity Bad For Your Health?

Have you heard the news that raising the humidity in your house will deactivate the coronavirus particles? Apparently, when humidity is low, the coronavirus thrives and stays alive longer. It is believed that most viruses can actually spread more if the humidity level is 60%. Now we are not sure if this is true or [...]

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Are Ceiling Fans Energy Efficient

Can ceiling fans really help you be more energy efficient? This is one of the most common tips that people get if they want to save on energy. But how true is it? Well, if you use only a ceiling fan, then yes, it will help you become energy efficient. However, using a fan, even [...]

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Major HVAC Myths And The Truth About Them

Have you heard HVAC myths that are just so ridiculous that it is impossible for it to be true? Well, there is a high chance that you think that some of them are true. You need to correct these misconceptions because you might end up compromising your heating and cooling system. You don’t want to [...]

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Why Surge Protection Is Important For Your Home

About surge protection Installing surge protection will not just protect you from damaging electrical surges. It can also give you those extra outlets. The latter is often necessary since the number of gadgets, devices, and appliances we owe usually increases over time. But the more you own, the more that you have to protect. So [...]

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